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Sheree Bykofsky



Dear Author:

Please send me an email to shereebee@aol.com if you would like to inquire or sign up for my Getting Published workshop. I am Sheree Bykofsky, founder and President of Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc. Thank you for your interest in my Web site and my agency. Please call me Sheree.

I am a generalist and have eclectic and sometimes eccentric tastes. I represent all areas of non-fiction and commercial and literary fiction. I don’t limit myself to particular genres because I’m always surprised by what appeals to me. If I love it, then I’ll take it on. The only way to know is to try me. If it needs work and I want to represent it, I’ll tell you. If I choose not to agent you, you should know that I’m not judging you or your writing, or even your idea. I am saying that it’s just not right for me. Please also keep in mind that it is my strict policy not to give feedback when I pass on a book. What isn’t right for me may be perfect for another agent.

There are a few areas I particularly like in non-fiction: popular reference, business, self-help/psychology, humor, biography and current affairs, women’s interest, cookbooks, spiritual, multicultural, parenting, anything to do with games, movies, chronologies. In fiction, I particularly like commercial fiction with literary appeal and mysteries. I’m always looking for a bestseller in any category.

Some of the genres I generally will not represent include horror, westerns, occult, picture books, and fantasy.

If you want to query me, please send an e-query to shereebee@aol.com or submitbee@aol.com and follow the instructions above. We do not accept phone calls or unsolicited manuscripts. I do love to get fan mail or feedback on Sheree’s Travel Corner (under construction)! Please send either of these to me at ShereeBee@aol.com (but no attachments, please!).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest wishes,